Riposte® Integrate data and applications across cloud, mobile, device, kiosk, operating systems and on-premises environments. The messaging infrastructure provides a platform for XML messaging, distribution, and storage capabilities, enabling applications to connect and scale.
RiposteEssential™ RiposteEssential™ is the industry standard in Post Office software for Point of Service solutions. With consumers expecting businesses and organizations to offer more services and information, Escher Group is delivering a single tool to make this happen.
MobileRiposte™ Enterprise Mobile Software that enables secure logistics, scanning and postal transactions on any platform or device. Manage mails, parcel acceptance/pick-up, and retail transactions from any mobile device or mobile OS. MobileRiposte™ works even if the system loses network connectivity. Stay productive regardless of network interruptions and unexpected outages.
RiposteKiosk The modular RiposteKiosk design provides self-service applications for multiple transaction types: letter and parcel acceptance and postage, stamp sale, bill payments, self-checkout, government services and more. The .NET Object Model provides development teams with an object-oriented programming interface to the messaging infrastructure.
RiposteTrEx™ Our digital transaction management (DTM) product, RiposteTrEx™, offers a secure framework for Governments, businesses, and Posts to securely digitize communications and time-consuming paper-based transaction processes.
Loyalty Aggregate multiple loyalty cards on an Android/iOS mobile app. Capitalize on the ubiquitous nature of smart phones by coordinating targeted marketing campaigns based on customer preferences, seasonal peaks, and emerging trends. The system can be set up with single and multiple-tier offers that are specifically targeted, including geographically, transaction type and shopping history while enabling a common customer experience across channels.
eMoney With the need for physical currency being replaced with electronic cash, Escher Group’s eMoney solution offers a cutting-edge system that manages your digital currency. Retailers, governments, corporations or consumers can offer a number of ways to pay or receive money using a prepaid card, eWallet, unique ID or biometric information
RiposteTrack™ For those using RiposteEssential®, RiposteTrack™ integrates Essential’s functionality to complement the induction and delivery processes. Items can be found anytime, anywhere. Instant information and visibility into the supply chain for eCommerce and logistics businesses. Customers can use the Internet to determine when a particular item was collected and delivered and who signed for it.