Postal Operator Quickly expand the postal network with minimal capital outlay Encouraging eCommerce purchasing by making PUDO easier for the consumer Gain additional revenue from package deliveries Direct access to consumer-facing agent network Offset reductions in postal network in rural locations Alleviate pressure during vacations, peak periods, and Black Friday sales spikes
Consumer Increased range of locations to pick up and drop off parcels Convenient longer opening hours for access to postal services Simpler and hassle-free eCommerce returns process Avoid waiting times at local Post Office or visits to warehouse for missed deliveries Find nearest PUDO location by searching the Postal Operator’s mobile app and website
PUDO Locations Additional source of income; payment per package of service completed Upsell and cross-sell opportunities from increase in footfall due to PUDO services Minimal hardware or software investment required to operate system Provide services via Windows/Android/iOS PUDO app

We equip the PUDO location with a mobile app, device and printer allowing them to conduct transactions on behalf of the Post.

For consumers that increasingly buy online, being available during the delivery window can be problematic. Missed deliveries often mean visiting the warehouse or rescheduling the delivery. With 7 days a week, early-to-late access, consumers can avoid this by sending and receiving items at their own convenience at PUDO locations equipped with our apps.

It also frees consumers from having to ask neighbors to mind packages while on vacation and alleviates concerns about stolen or damaged parcels. The Escher solution gives Posts the ability to send automated SMS/Email updates to consumers when parcels arrive, saving them from having to keep an eye on their delivery box.

Our solution requires minimal training for third-party workers due to its ease of use. Data and transactions are automatically transferred to the Post’s central management system for processing, retrieval, and retention. Posts can use the solution to extend their network and provide consumers with additional opportunities to both interact and transact with the Post. This helps Posts meet service obligations, develop new revenue streams, and meet consumer expectations for convenient mail and postal services.