Define the optimum digital postal platform for mails processing—collections, delivery, returns, and logistics—with address verification and validation. Use KPIs to measure collections, processing, and delivery productivity in the context of core business objectives.

Provide easy-to-use web stores with digital postage, secure payments, online tracking, order fulfilment, and reverse logistics. Integrated full-featured eCommerce platform helps partners and businesses optimize sales with flexible payment options.

Identity, authentication, and verification services help ensure regulatory compliance, payment, and data protection.

Provide secure technology to manage the infrastructure, processes, and resources across the entire Postal network.

Shopping Cart
Increases sales volumes and minimize abandonment rates with intuitive shopping carts.

Enable consumers to track periodic, scheduled individual or bulk devices from any device.

Leverage footfall, improve consumer engagement, and gain data insights into consumer preferences through loyalty and reward programs. Setup single and multi-tier targeted offers, via location, transaction type, and shopping history.

Record entire order lifecycle from booking to returns. Identify misrouted orders, delayed orders and bottlenecks in the delivery chain that affect transactions. Give consumers instant access and email/SMS notifications of mail item status and event history.

Provide integrated payment capability on all touchpoints including prepaid accounts, credit/debit payments and options for pay later using cash.