Postal Operator Build, run, and monetize mobile apps for consumers Increase transactions and revenue with a 24/7 consumer connected solution Initiate loyalty programs for individuals to ensure greater consumer retention Generate new revenue streams in your core mails services business Gain valuable consumer insight through data received from the App Modernize the Postal Operator to meet the needs of consumers when and where they choose to interact
Consumer Conduct transactions anytime, anywhere with the App Begin transactions online and complete at the Post Office Receive event-based notifications when shipping and receiving items Schedule pick up/drop off at a convenient time Enjoy loyalty rewards for frequent transactions Conduct retail transactions through the App's eCommerce functionality

The App provides more opportunities for consumers to interact with the Post in line with their mobile lifestyle and preference for always on services.

As part of an omni-channel strategy, our Consumer App enables Posts to coordinate content delivery - delivery alerts, notifications, special offers and loyalty across multiple channels.

Postal Operators can customize the App’s user interface, menu options, and other features using the Admin interface or the SDK. It integrates easily with current systems to automatically transfer data and transactions to the Post’s central management system.

Enable consumers to get a quote on shipment costs, print labels, arrange pick ups and more. Using the App, they can easily manage shipments on the go: get real-time status updates on deliveries, create shipping labels and customs forms. Improve efficiency by verifying a postal address before sending, checking exchange rates, and confirming delivery times.

Through the App the consumer can also see specific delivery times, take pictures of their packages when scheduling a pick up and view the PUDO locations in their area. The Consumer App allows Posts to bring their mails services outside the Post Office and into the control of the consumer.