Postal Operator Greater revenue generation due to wider range and availability of products and services Faster transaction times leads to increased transaction volumes Gain a competitive edge in the form of service as a key differentiator Integrate with ERP, back office, and peripherals Easily add new functionality as the popularity of the Kiosks grows
Self-Service Location Increased footfall due to additional services availability Improved consumer experience encourages future transactions Builds deeper, stronger and more profitable consumer engagements Offer new complementary products and services
Consumer Convenient access to postal services outside of the Post Office Access postal services outside the standard Post Office opening hours Send mails and parcels both domestically and internationally from the Kiosk Interactive and intuitive layout makes it simple to navigate through transactions Avoid busy lines during peak times

As part of digital transformation strategies, Self-Service Kiosks ensure that Postal Operators can generate new revenue streams by offering additional services, reducing costs associated with paper-based processes, and developing new channels to attract consumers.

Self-Service Kiosks provide a wide range of postal products, services, and information: mails, parcels, agency payments and retail. At the Kiosk, consumers can prepare parcels, print labels, pay with card or cash, receive physical or digital receipts, and connect to loyalty programs.

For Postal Operators, Kiosks help exploit eCommerce and parcel delivery opportunities and improve consumer experience. All transactions and data generated at each Kiosk is automatically transferred to the Post’s central management system.